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Stunted Growth In Children


Normal growth in children depends on factors like genetics, hormone production and nutrition. If parents have short height or have experienced stunted growth, it is highly probable that their children will also have height issues. Hypothyroidism (a deficiency of the thyroid hormone) can result in stunted growth in children. Delayed puberty or illness involving the liver, kidneys or the connective tissues can also cause short height and stature in children. Late onset of puberty may also delay growth. But it often only results in constitutional growth delay. Medically, it means that children will grow with normal height but with some delays. Lack of sleep and stress can also affect hormone production. In some cases, medical experts believe these can also be factors leading to delayed or stunted growth in children.

According to actigenomics.com, ‘Nutritional deficiencies resulting from malnutrition are a leading cause of stunted growth. However, these deficiencies may not only result from food scarcity and poverty. Failure to absorb nutrients and energy from food, even in sufficient amount, will also eventually lead to impaired growth.’

A diet rich in calcium and all necessary nutrients is essential for optimum development of children. Physical activities may also aid growth in children. Malnutrition can also affect hormone production in children. Therefore, it is really important for parents to consult with the doctor if they notice any growth delays in children. Timely treatment can help children avoid growth delays.

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