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Memory is the ability of our mind to retain and recollect experiences. There is no past without memory. Good memory is an essential skill needed to excel in various aspects of life including learning and education. A study titled ‘A structural analysis of working memory and related cognitive skills in young children.’ by Gathercole and Willis published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology in 2004, revealed that there is a link between a child’s memory and his vocabulary, reading, comprehensive and language skills. Children who are good at accumulating and remembering information can develop a better database of knowledge in their minds. This way they can easily outperform their peers. On the other hand, children with poor memorising skills lag behind others in class.

An article titled ‘Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory’ in the website psitek.net states that unless a person has an illness, a poor memory is often attributed to lack of attention or concentration, insufficient listening skills and other inherent bad habits. Fortunately, this is not an irreversible situation. It takes little effort to make children with poor memory develop their memorising capacity. Like any other skill, memory skills can be boosted only with continuous practice. Your child’s ability to memorise can be stretched with simple retention exercises, making it easier for him to concentrate on the necessary information, acquire it and recall it whenever needed.

You can gain insights on the importance of developing a good memory power and about the ways of doing the same by reading the articles in this ClipBook. 


Importance Of Good Memory

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How To Boost Your Child's Memory

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Activities To Improve Your Child's Memory

While many children seem to have memories like steel traps when it comes to learning song lyrics or favorite stories, they often cannot seem to remember to put their toys away, and even remembering to brush their teeth each day seems impossible. I...

5 Science-Backed Tricks To Improve Memory

If you want to do get to the top of your class or climb the ladder at work, you give yourself a gigantic advantage over everybody else if you can recall more information at a faster speed. Developmental psychologists and cognitive scientists have ...

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