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Storytelling Tips For Children

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“The power of storytelling is exactly this: to bridge the gaps where everything else has crumbled.” – Paulo Coelho

Which child does not love listening to a great story? One that involves dragons, elves, a talking bear a gentle giant and what not. Stories are also considered to be a big factor in the development of a child’s literary skills. If you are not an expert in the art of storytelling, make sure that you read stories to your child. Remember that sharing stories, talking and singing everyday helps in a child’s overall development.

 In her article, '7 ways to teach your kids storytelling', published in, Christine Bryant says storytelling benefits children in many ways – it improves their language skills, instils a love of reading, and stirs their imagination. It also helps children learn the art of storytelling and become good storytellers themselves.

Some ways in which you can teach your child the art of storytelling are:

  • Expose her to good storytelling through events like literary festivals and other cultural programmes.
  • Let her choose her own story by introducing her to numerous novels and short stories.
  • Use body language while telling a story, varying expressions and voices which can help your child get involved in storytelling.

From helping imbibe moral values to enhancing creativity and imagination to making academic learning easier – there are many advantages of listening to stories. It also improves a child's vocabulary and communication skills. 

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