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Stories That Teach Tolerance To Children


Tolerance is one of the best habits that we can teach and inculcate in our children. Especially, in today’s world when intolerance is on the rise, being tolerant has many merits.

So, how do you teach tolerance to children? Reading them stories that teach about tolerance is one effective way to do this. For, children not only love to listen to stories, but this is one field that engages them.

From A Bus Called Heaven by Bob Graham to A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley, this ClipBook contains a compilation of brilliant stories on tolerance.


The Tolerance Of Chhatrapati Shivaji

Many times, we cite examples of lower living entities like grass, tree etc to remind us of how humble and tolerant we should be.

26 Big Things Small Hands Do By Coleen Paratore

It is a story written by Coleen Paratore. Teaching the next generation to care for themselves, for others, and for the world around them is one of the most important gifts we can give our children and each other.

A Bus Called Heaven By Bob Graham

A children's story about the yearning for community and the heroics of a little girl. If you’ve ever wanted to teach your children about the importance of community, and what can be accomplished with a little determination and a lot of creativity,...

Accept And Value Each Person By Cheri Meiners

The world is becoming more diverse, and so are the daily lives of our children. Accept and Value Each Person introduces diversity and related concepts respecting differences, being inclusive, and appreciating people just the way they are.

A Little Peace By Barbara Kerley

A Little Peace, gives a richly evocative and thought-provoking view of the world our children will inherit. The book juxtaposes photographs from around the world with a simple, reflective message about our responsibilities for finding and keeping ...

A Lesson My Cat Taught Me | Cat Books

A Lesson My Cat Taught Me is a delightful, yet educational book. The author manages to weave into the story, lessons not only on how to care for a cat, but about the importance of animal rescue and adoption, and the main lesson for tolerance of ot...

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