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Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited [STERLINH] is a pioneer in Vacation Ownership and a leading Leisure Hospitality company in India. Sterling Holidays was incorporated in 1986 with the vision of delivering Great Holiday experiences to Indian...

Koyal's -- Welcome Breaks From A Busy Life

Hectic daily routine and busy weekends; see how Koyal's discovered life beyond this.

Sterling Holidays | Fun, Safe And Magical Holidays

The Gambhir's enjoy holidays the way they are meant to be enjoyed; fun-filled, magical, safe. Find out how they do it!

Sterling Holidays | Priceless Gift For A Lifetime

Some gifts are memorable but the best gifts last a lifetime. Dr. Himanshu Mehta gifted his niece with a gift that she'll remember for a lifetime . Don't you ...

Sterling Holidays | Holidays Every Year, Memories For A Lifetime

Why are family vacations so important? Why do thousands of Sterling members appreciate their investment in a Sterling membership? Watch, as Sandhya and Tarun...

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Sterling Holiday Resorts India Ltd

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