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Montessori Gives Your Children The Best Start!

"Montessori Education is a model-based educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator". Dr. Maria Montessori. This method guides the chi...

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Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. The good news is that many programs, such as the Montessori Method, offer research and evidence supporting their techniques. If you’re considering Montessori for your child, read on...

Why Us?

+ Education is imparted by providing a certain degree of independence to    the kid + Learning at our school paves way for your kid to explore things on his/her    own + Imported toys,Spacious classes ,friendly ambience and standard amenit...

Playgroup And Pre-Kg

Schooling at STepUp3 is explorable and enjoyable for kids. We work on nourishing the young mind and help the child to become an achiever. We ensure the child's self construction, liberty and spontaneous activity.

Day Care

Day-care at StepUp3 is happy for kids and peace for parents. Our school is home away from home for the kids. We provide food rich in nutrients and eating becomes a playful task at our school. We have an excellent outdoor space that is breezy and ...

Lower And Upper Montessori

LKG(Lower Montessori) and UKG(Upper montessori) covers the following syllabus: English, Maths, Concepts, Language, Story telling, General Knowledge, Craft, Slogas, Work experience with Montessori tools, EVS, Value education and work sheets.

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Stepup3 Montessori Pre-school

Step up 3 Montessori pre-school, Step Up 3 Montessori Pre-SchoolStep up 3 Montessori pre-school
A child’s day at Step up 3 is scheduled with Montessori-based activities.