Staying Safe Around Electrical Equipment

10 Electric Safety Rules For Kids

Here are some safety precautions for parents to teach their kids around electrical equipments inside the house. It is very important that the electric wires are out of reach from your young toddlers. Adequate safety measurements is to be taken in ...

Electrical Safety Tips For Children

There are simple electrical safety tips for children that are important in preventing serious injury or possible death. Children are naturally curious and do not know the dangers of electricity. Teaching them the basics about the power of electric...

Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

For any home (or building) with multiple floors, a separate electrical safety wiring needs to be installed. Otherwise, the current will travel during fluctuation from level to level and it is too dangerous. There are certain safety measures that y...

Kids Safety Measures And Children's Safety Tips Around Electrical Equipments

Unlike the babies of all other animals, human kids are born so helplessly to even survive and protect himself/herself. They need the help of elders so badly to begin with the life in the world. Being unaware of the dangers posed by many worldly el...

Play It Safe Around Electricity

Electricity is very dangerous that even only qualified adults can work around it. So, it is important for everyone to know how to play it safe around electricity.

Top 5 Summer Safety Tips For Kids

School's out and the kids are antsy. Is it any wonder that parents worry about their children getting into trouble during the dog days of summer? Whether they're playing outside in the backyard, heading down the street to visit a friend or taking ...

Electrical Safety In Your Home

Look around the house for electrical dangers, and learn how to use electrical appliances safely.

Child Safety In The Home For Parents

Preparing for the arrival of a first child can be a stressful time for parents. Around two thirds of parents will carry out electrical DIY in the home as part of the preparation. However, they often do so without taking the necessary safety precau...

Safety For Kids

DON’T stick anything into electrical outlets, into the end of an extension cord, or into electrical stuff that’s plugged in. (your mom is right, never stick a knife into a toaster!) DO ask a grown up to put safety covers on outlets if there are li...

Children Safety Tips

Altamaha EMC offers electrical safety demonstrations in the local schools to help teach children about electricity and the associated dangers. But as your child’s first and most important teacher, perhaps it’s time to have a talk with your sons an...

Play Up Outdoor Electrical Safety For Kids

Children often do not understand the dangers of electricity. When playing outdoors, it is important to make them aware of overhead power lines and electrical equipment, and emphasize that they should never climb or play near them. Children should ...

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Staying Safe Around Electrical Equipment

Naga Bala KrishnanNaga Bala Krishnan
To play it safe around your home, teach your kids the rules for using electricity the right way.