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Stammering In Children


Stammering can be a very embarrassing speech problem for a child to go through. Imagine not being able to get words out of your mouth when you have something to say and then cope with the feeling of embarrassment that follows. Is your child going through the pain and trauma that comes with this speech disorder? Don’t lose heart.

The problem of stammering can be tapped early and with proper and consistent speech therapy, it can be overcome right in childhood so that it doesn’t get carried over to adulthood. Did you know that Hrithik Roshan, well-known Bollywood actor and dancer, had to grapple with stammering when he was a child? And have you heard him make speeches on television shows and at any of the award ceremonies? If you have, then you will know that the problem is every bit surmountable.

Many other famous personalities such as Hollywood actor Julia Roberts, US Vice President Joe Biden, former US president Theodore Roosevelt are known to have faced the issue of stammering as children. And yet, their success in their respective careers has shown that they have not only overcome the problem but have turned their weakness into their greatest strength.

If your child faces this problem, then you need not despair. Our ClipBook can help.


Stammering: Faqs

Stammering or stuttering is a speech problem which occurs when the speaker is not able to maintain a smooth forward flow of speech. It is usually known to affect the first-born male child. Frequently repeated, experiences of stammering arouse fear...

What Causes Stammering?

Over centuries, there are countless theories about possible causes of stammering and researchers across the world are trying to find out exactly what makes one child more vulnerable than another.

Signs Of Stammering In Children

Stammering in young children usually involves some obvious outward signs, as well as some less obvious signs. Some signs include: repeating certain sounds, syllables or words when speaking, using a lot of 'filler' words during speech and lengthy p...

Five Myths About Stammering

These myths and facts provide clarity on the condition of stammering, what it’s like to have it, and what the child is likely to need in terms of support at home, school and in social situations.

Stammering In Preschool Children: How Parents Can Help?

Difficulties with speaking fluently between 2 - 4 years affect about one child in 20. While the underlying causes are not fully understood, we know that parents do not cause stammering - also called stuttering. Evidence shows that most children ou...

15 Ways To Get Rid Of Stammering

Stammering generally occurs in childhood, between three and seven years and is perfectly acceptable. Stammering becomes a cause of concern, when it extends beyond 10 years of age. Here's a collection of exercises, speech therapy, treatment and hom...

Stammering Treatment

There are many different treatments available for stammering, depending on a person's age and individual circumstances. A speech and language therapist (SLT) will work with you, your child, and educational staff to come up with a suitable treatmen...

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