Spirit Of Internationalism

Model -Un @ Aais

An intriguing session at AAIS of the model -UN that was held on 7th November 2014. The students of grade 6-12 in groups represented the countries - Haiti, Spain, Bangaladesh and Ethiopia. Each group presented their views and solutions to problems ...

'Pharaoh Power '

The primary grade students from gardes 1-5 were grouped to represented different countries . The first group of students presented articulately all aspects of Egypt - The land, its culture and tradition to the audience dressed in vibrant coustumes .

The Land Of 'Hope'

The Indonesians' group excogitated and presented the tradition and culture of Indonesia through posters , models and oral presentations.

The Masai Clan

The group that truly in spirit and appeal brought out the cultural diversity of Kenya..

The Maldivians

Maldivians enthusiactially geared up to meet the parents to share what the country is blessed with !!

The End

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Spirit Of Internationalism

Akshar Arbol International School, Akshar Arbol International SchoolAkshar Arbol International School
UN day was celebrated on 7th Nov 2014 at Akshar Arbol Intl school. A mock UN session was conducted by students of grade 6 to 12.