Spend Time With Your Child

Play With Them

Seems simple, but, do you really know how to do it? Get down on the floor and play trucks, build forts, make cardboard buildings for cars. Go through the clothes in the house and make a dress up box; include old jewelry, hats, purses, and shoes. P...

Read To Your Children

Start a small chapter book and read one chapter a day. Make reading time special with snacks.

Make Crafts

Simple paper plates make great masks to wear, then you can play using your masks.

Go On Picnics

All kids love picnics, the key is making them spontaneous. Pick them up from school, take a snack and head to the park, have a picnic inside, use a theme like all red food, or let them pick all the foods. It doesn't matter if you eat Twinkies and ...

Play Games, Any Game

When's the last time you indulged in something a little wild, like hide and seek in the house?

Building A Story.

Invite friends of your kids at home. Its easier to manage multiple kids, if you know the trick. Build a story collaboratively. A child starts the story. Next one continues it by adding another line. Then the next one takes it further & so on..

Give Your Kids The Ultimate Gift Of Time

Instead of saying "not right now", stop and go play for an hour. Is that bill really going to be any different if you leave it on the table and come back an hour later? Probably not, but, your child may look back and remember the day you stopped w...

Take A Free Walk With Your Child At The End Of The Day, To Let Them Unwind

Some parents call these walks pajama walks. But the thing that separates these walks from other walks, is that there is no talking going on while walking as well as no other activities besides the walking. Make sure they are dressed in their night...

Teach Your Kids About The Tools Needed To Do Everyday Tasks.

The kids can help hold the tools while you explain to them what you're about to fix with that tool coming up. Later, the reverse can be said as the two of you bond and the child does the work(when the kid turns into their later teen years).

Show Your Kids That You Are "Into" Their Games

Whether it's video games, computer games, board games, show them that you can "walk the walk" and even "talk the talk" and see if you can surprise them. They'll enjoy it that you've taken the ability to learn something that they didn't feel you sh...

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Spend Time With Your Child

Learn how to spend time with your kids