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Speech Therapy For Kids

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Children rely on speech to be able to learn at school and communicate their needs. But, some children have problem with speech.

In such cases, speech therapy can be an effective remedy. It is a treatment for speech and language disorders like understanding words and putting together sentences.

Children who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally and academically from speech therapy.

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Communication Is Vital

Communication is central to everything children do. It affects how they are, how they learn, how they interact with other children at school and at home. Communication development begins at birth as babies communicate their needs through crying a...

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a treatment for speech and language disorders. A speech disorder involves a problem producing words and sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding words and putting together sentences and ideas for ...

Telling The Difference Between Bilingualism And A Speech Disorder

The most common ways to spot speech disorders include looking for stuttering issues, problems with articulation and coherence of sentences. According to research, 5-8% of preschoolers suffer from a speech-language disorder, making it one of the mo...

How To Know If A Child Needs A Speech Therapist

According to research, speech and language problems in children are not uncommon. Knowing what is and isn't normal when it comes to language and speech development is extremely important. Here are some signs your child might need speech therapy.

Ways A Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help Your Child

Speech language pathologists are experts at teaching children how to produce speech sounds. Speech therapists can teach the child how to use more mature patterns of speech, the placement for consonant and vowel sounds and how to speak more clearly...

Activities To Encourage Speech And Language Development

There are lots of activities that you can do to develop your child’s speech and help them produce more words. Want to know what they are?

Buy theme-based fun learning kids activity books for preschoolers and 6-12-year-old children.

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