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Sparks offers early learner a domain in which they can be effective. At our International focus SPARKSTM kids are given various formatively research based curriculum materials. Expert teachers and the particular SPARKSTM Curriculum help preschool ...

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Head Start (Age 1.6- 1.9)Headstart is an upsetting first school youngster improvement program for the babys age assembles 1.6 to 1.9 years created on the rule that every kid is unique, every child is virtuoso & every child is genious of its own ab...

Preschool (Age 2.5 - 3.5)

Sparks(TM) Playgroup curriculum specifically programmed for age-suitable, comprehensive improvement concentrating on sustaining every kid's growth and dialect expertise, imaginative expression and physical, self and social advancement. Cerebrum in...

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Sparks International Preschool

Sparks International Preschool, Sparks International PreschoolSparks International Preschool
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