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Sources Of Nutrients For Your Child

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Do you often worry if your child is getting the right nutrients from the food he eats? With so many information floating around a child’s nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet, it is easy to get confused. Do you know what are the must-have nutrients for your child’s growth and development?

Your child needs a balanced dose of vital nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamins, calcium and healthy fats for his overall health and development. Make sure that he is getting his daily dose of nutrients through a diet which include most of these.

Calcium, for example, is essential for strong bone development. As childhood is the perfect time to build strong bones, it is essential to include calcium-rich food in their diet. Lack of calcium during childhood could lead to serious health issues like osteoporosis later in life.

Protein is required to make energy out of food and to build your child's body cells. Protein is needed to fight infection too. 

To help you with your nutrient-related queries, we at ParentCircle decided to curate a ClipBook on various sources of these essential nutrients.


1. Protein

Do you often worry about your vegetarian child's protein intake? Do you think being vegetarian may result in your child getting less protein than required? In fact, you can ensure that your child gets enough protein from certain non-meat sources.

2. Iron

Anaemia is a medical condition where the number of healthy red blood cells decreases below the normal count. The two most common forms of anaemia among children are iron deficiency anaemia and hereditary anaemia. Let's see which are the iron-rich ...

3. Omega-3

Omega-3 is required for proper brain and body functioning, hence these are also called 'essential fatty acids.' There are three types of omega-3 fatty acids and they are popularly known as EPA, DHA and ALA. These are crucial for a child’s growth, ...

4. Vitamin C

Dry skin and hair, pain in the joints, and an irritable nature are symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency. One of the most important nutrients, essential for your child’s development, Vitamin C has some amazing benefits for your child. It helps in build...

5. Healthy Fats

Health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity are on the rise today. One preventive measure adopted by people is to limit fats in their diet. But did you know that some fats can be healthy? Read on to know more.

6. Calcium For Lactose Intolerant Children

Does your child throw tantrums and act fussy at the very thought of milk? Does he complain milk is giving him stomach aches? Well, it’s quite possible he isn’t making an excuse. There is every chance that your child is lactose intolerant. Here are...

7. Ghee For Children

Ghee, the Indian style of clarified butter, is one food item you would normally associate with many fond childhood memories. It is considered sacred and used as the main ingredient in some Ayurvedic medicines. Dr Ashok Kumar says the consumption o...

8. Foods For Cold And Cough

Did you know there are certain foods that can help address cold and cough in children? In fact, foods are as essential as medicine in contributing to the quick recovery of a sick toddler. In this article, we look at the top six foods that can help...

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