Some Children Can’t Resist Chocolates

Why Some Children Can’T Resist Chocolates As Well As Others

Ever wondered why your kid yearns for more chocolates than other children? It could be because they need more sugar to get that same sweet taste, a new study suggests. According to the research from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in US, sensit...

Why Does Your Kid Cry For Chocolates All The Time - The Times Of India

Children love sweets, but have you ever wondered why some kids want more sugary food? It could be because they need more sugar to get that same sweet taste, suggests new research.

Here Is Why Your Child Craves For Sweets : Wonder Woman

The verbal match at the supermart for extra candies and chocolates are not just plain tantrums. It has something to do with your child's sweet sensitivity. "As sugar becomes more restricted and even regulated in children's diets, the less sugar-s...

Can't Resist Chocolate? Your Brain Might Be Hard-Wired To Crave It

It's the excuse that people with a sweet tooth have always wanted. Scientists have discovered that some of us really are  hard-wired to enjoy the taste of chocolate. Italian researchers found these people enjoy sweet treats more than others beca...

How To Overcome A Chocolate Addiction

Meet Lutherus, a wikiHow Administrator who’s been active in the community for over three years and has patrolled over 65,000 edits. He enjoys reviewing recent edits and protecting wikiHow articles from spam and vandalism. He’s proud of earning the...

Chocoholic - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

A chocoholic is a person who craves or compulsively consumes chocolate. 1 There is some medical evidence to support the existence of actual addiction to chocolate. 2 However, the term is mostly used loosely or humorously to describe a person who i...

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Some Children Can’t Resist Chocolates

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Why some children can’t resist chocolates