Social Psychology Experiments

10 Most Brilliant Social Psychology Experiments

Ten of the most influential social psychology experiments. “I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures. Why do good people sometimes act evil? Why do smart people some...

Dress To Impress (Social Psychology Experiment)

How does what you wear affect how people will respond to you?

Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiment (May, 1962)

Original video of the Milgram obedience experiment (shock experiment) conducted at Yale University in May, 1962

Zimbardo - Stanford Prison Experiment

To investigate how readily people would conform to the roles of guard and prisoner in a role-playing exercise that simulated prison life. Zimbardo (1973) was interested in finding out whether the brutality reported among guards in American prisons...

The Self Illusion: How Our Social Brain Constructs Who We Are

We’ve already seen that the notions of stable character and fixed personality are a myth. And yet, our culture is wired for labels and checkboxes, eager to neatly file people away into categorical cabinets and thrown into furor over the slightest ...

The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted from August 14 t...

Social Influence: Psychology

Few interesting facts on social psychology and how we easily get influenced

5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity Is Doomed

Psychologists know you have to be careful when you go poking around the human mind because you're never sure what you'll find there. A number of psychological experiments over the years have yielded terrifying conclusions about the subjects. Oh, w...

The Bystander Effect

An interesting look at the Bystander Effect

Bobo Doll Experiment

Bandura (1961) conducted a study to investigate if social behaviors (i.e. aggression) can be acquired by observation and imitation. Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) tested 36 boys and 36 girls from the Stanford University Nursery School aged between ...

25 Mind Blowing Psychology Experiments...You Won't Believe What's Inside Your Head

Humans are trained to take direction from authority figures from very early in life. An experiment conducted in 1961 by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram measured this willingness to obey authority figures by instructing people to perfo...

Social Psychology Experiments

Social behavior is a rich topic with plenty of fun and fascinating areas to explore. Here are just a few different research questions that you might want to investigate further: Before you decide to tackle a project for your social psychology clas...

The Halo Effect - Science Of Attraction

So many things can influence the decisions and judgments we make. In this Science of Attraction video for Channel 4, which is introduced by Derren Brown. Kat...

The Robbers Cave Experiment Muzafer Sherif Social Psychology

Muzafer Sherif and others' Robbers Cave experiment into intergroup conflict and co-operation psychology realistic conflict theory differentiation

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Social Psychology Experiments

Social psychology experiments explain how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the presence of others.