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Social Media: Do's And Don'ts

Dr Debarati Halder


Why Oversharing Your Baby's Digital Identity Is Not A Good Idea - Parentcircle

If you are obsessed with posting your little one’s pictures and videos on social media every waking hour, think again. It can have a detrimental effect. Read on to know why In the olden days, when digital communication was still developing, and s...

10 Photos Of Your Child You Should Never Post On Social Media - Parentcircle

Do you love sharing adorable pictures of your kid on the Internet, in various moods and situations? Be aware. Here is our guide to images that should not make their way into social network sites Recently, a friend of mine welcomed her bundle of j...

Sharing Pictures Of Children In Social Media? Beware Of Risks - Parentcircle

On a recent visit to a mall, I witnessed a ‘cute’ toddler being photographed by her parents, a very common sight when families go out nowadays. The mother was instructing the child to pose in front of the glass case of a toy shop, while the father...

Social Media Guidelines For Children - Parentcircle

Children are growing increasingly net savvy. But that has its dangers. As parents, we need to be aware of the rules governing social media to keep our children safe online. Most of us have our Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers rig...

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