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Social Media: A Child's Playground?

Dr Debarati Halder, CertifiedDr Debarati Halder

Social Media is an integral part of everyday life of a clear majority of today’s population, especially, the youth. It has become a necessity, despite its drawbacks. Social Media as a tool can be used gainfully by teachers and students to have better engagement, more participation to exchange/regulate classwork and homework and quick accessibility.

At the same time, everything has an undesirable side to it. Social media provides a platform for various activities, from communication to sharing pictures to online dating. It also has everything undesirable to make children get distracted from their academic focus. With the limitless opportunities provided by the internet, lack of parental supervision can be misleading.

Social media provides the most number of platforms for cyber bullying and cyber crimes. A cyber stranger will always remain a stranger and personal information can be misused anytime. So, as parents, with the proliferation of social media among youngsters, keep an eagle's eye to watch out for your children from not falling into trouble.

“These virtual profiles can be great ego boosters. But the hard truth is you need to be ‘awake’,” said Debarathi Halder, in her blog ‘Cyber Victimization.’ Be aware, people, for yourself and your beloveds. Read “Social Media: A Child's Playground?” for several case studies and articles by Mrs Debarathi Halder.


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