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Shyamala Sathiyaseelan, CertifiedShyamala Sathiyaseelan


Pearl Millet Laddoo

Iron-rich Pearl Millet (Kambu) Ladoo is a healthy snack for all ages. Say no to junk food and opt for homemade healthy noshes like this.

Red Aval Upma

Red Beaten Rice Nutty Crunch/Sivappu aval upma is a wholesome recipe that calls for nutriments required for dads-to-be/moms-to-be . This healthy breakfast is apt for pregnant & Lactating ladies too.

Finger Millet Murukku Recipe

Healthy and tasty Finger Millet Murukku is a perfect healthy snack.

Green Gram Sweet Balls

Munthiri kothu is a traditional south Indian sweet made using green gram(pachai payaru) as the main ingredient. This is mainly made during Indian Christmas celebrations. But it is equally a popular evening snack.

Pumpkin Seeds Dosa

Considering the nutritional benefits offered by pumpkin seeds, it is a must for dads and moms to be. Women shall continue during pregnancy, lactation and for the whole life.

Sesame Seeds Jaggery Bar

Sesame seeds are rich in vital nutrients that we and our kids require – Calcium, Iron, Protein and much more.

Wheat Rava Appam

Rava paniyaram is an easy and tasty snack. Check out to know the recipe...

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