Smart Chip May Help Parkinson's Disease

This Smart Chip May Help Combat Parkinson's Disease

SINGAPORE: A smart chip has been developed by scientists at Nanyang Technological University here that allows the transmission of brain data wireless and with high accuracy.

Implantable Chip Has Potential For Parkinson’S And Prosthetic Control

A low-power smart chip that reduces and compresses the amount of data it needs to send could lead to more compact neural implants, better prostheses, and more manageable factory automation Parkinson’s disease sufferers and amputees could be among ...

Smart Chip By Indian-Origin Scientist May Help Combat Parkinson's Disease!

"It is about a hundred times more efficient than current processing chips on the market. It will lead to more compact medical wearable devices, such as portable ECG monitoring devices and neural implants, since we no longer need large batteries to...

New Smart Chip Can Wirelessly Transmit Brain Signals

Using the chip, the devices can process and analyse the data on site, before sending back important details in a compressed package, instead of sending the whole data stream. This will reduce data usage by over a thousand times.

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Smart Chip May Help Parkinson's Disease

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This Smart Chip may Help Combat Parkinson's Disease