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Sleepwalking In Children


It can be quite unnerving – seeing your kid walk in her sleep, dazed and confused, yet unaware of her own behaviour. ‘Why can’t she just go back to sleep-smiling and mumbling?’ you might wonder. You’re scared and worried, but one thing you need to realise is, you are not the only parent going through this.

Sleepwalking, medically known as somnambulism, is a very common behavioural disorder that is experienced by 20% of kids at least once in their childhood. “Sleepwalking is most commonly seen in children between the ages of 4 and 8. This behaviour is typically harmless and most children grow out of it,” cites an article in Health Line. These sleepwalking episodes usually last only for 15 minutes on an average and are, in most cases, not dangerous.

However, the level of severity might drastically differ. An article in KidsHealth says, “Sleepwalking behaviours can range from harmless (sitting up), to potentially dangerous (wandering outside), to just inappropriate (kids may even open a closet door and pee inside). No matter what kids do during sleepwalking episodes, it's unlikely that they'll remember ever having done it!”

While it is natural for you to panic or fret over her condition, you have to understand that your child needs you to be an even more attentive watchdog for her. It’s imperative that you take all measures to protect your child from any possible injury as a result of sleepwalking.

To learn more about how to prevent and handle sleepwalking in your little one, read our ClipBook, which has the best curated links on this subject.



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