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Sleep Talking In Children


Sleep talking or somniloquy is talking or making sounds during sleep without being aware. It affects 50% of all children from 3 to 10 years and is generally considered harmless.

There are two main causes for sleep talking among children – excitement and anxiety. Your child may be excited about a vacation or the promise of a new toy. Or, he may be worried about an upcoming exam or sports competition. Talking with your child about the event in a calm and supportive way might help reduce night-time chatter.

Sometimes, a child may repeat a dialogue he has heard on television. In one case, reported in www.huffingtonpost.in, a two-year-old kept mumbling “I know your secrets” in his sleep. Initially alarmed, his parents finally realised it was a line from a Scooby Doo episode!

What should a parent do if his child sleep talks? Gently soothe your child and ensure he is safe. However, an article titled 7 Effective Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Kids, published in www.momjunction.com warns: “If your kid expresses too much anger while talking in his sleep, then we would advise you to seek medical help.”

If the frequency of sleep talking is bothering the family, here are a few tips. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep every night and keeps to a regular sleep schedule. Reduce his stress levels. Also, don't let him eat a heavy meal or have a caffeinated drink just before bedtime. Most importantly, don’t worry!

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Sleep Talking In Children

Sleep talking can occur any time, but usually it is common during the early stages of deep sleep. This means that even if you can get your child engaged in a sleep conversation, your child probably won’t remember it in the morning.

Are You Worried About Your Child's Sleep Talking?

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When Is Sleep Talking A Cause For Concern?

Sleep experts do not consider somniloquy a major problem unless it is accompanied by other disorders, such as sleep apnea. Chronic sleep talking can be related to sleep disturbances, which apnea creates.

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The academic pressure is taking a toll on young students in the city, particularly before the examinations, as many of them develop a habit of talking in sleep, known as somniloquy. In many cases, parents have consulted psychiatrists to help their...

7 Effective Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Children

These simple tips can help you deal with the sleep talking issue in your child. If your child expresses too much anger while talking in his sleep, then we would advise you to seek medical help.

Sleep Talking Facts

Did one of your parents, siblings, or friends ever tell you that you were talking in your sleep? It's nothing to be ashamed off! A recent study found that more than half of all people have had the experience of speaking out loud while asleep.

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