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Sleep Patterns And Problems In Children


"Over time, kids who don't get enough sleep are more likely to be obese." – Dr. Dorit Koren, M.D., pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Chicago.

Insufficient sleep can wreak havoc of all kinds for people of all ages and especially for children. There are bodily functions and metabolism that happen only after dark, more importantly only while one is asleep.

According to parents.com “Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. It is when the body repackages neurotransmitters, chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate. And experts have recently been able to demonstrate that sleep allows brain cells to ‘take out the trash’ each night, flushing out disease-causing toxins.”

When it comes to sleep needs, habits and problems, every individual is different from the other. The same holds true for your little princess. Healthy sleeping habits help her fight obesity, colds and do well in school. Insufficient sleep can lead to behavioral problems. It is important to recognise and help establish the right sleep routines for your child by the age of five.

TV time just before bed makes your little darling too alert to sleep on time. This also results in sleep deprivation and nightmares. If your little one is sleep deprived, your whole family usually suffers from poor sleep.

How can you help your child develop healthy sleep habits? How do you know if she is getting enough sleep? How much sleep does she need? Is it okay if she skips some sleep time?

Find the answers to these questions and much more in this ClipBook on sleep patterns and problems among children.

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