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Six Simple Diy Chemistry Experiments


It's sad when children develop an aversion to Science at a young age. This could be down to poor teaching or an inability to focus in class. Either way, most Science classes in schools are highly theoretical in nature, and don't allow the students to get hands-on with the subject. 

Chemistry is one subject in particular that requires practical application for better understanding. Text books should serve as mere guides, the real learning has to happen in the lab. Unfortunately, in most schools, kids get less lab time than they need. 

Thankfully, it's possible to do a few simple Chemistry experiments at home. Don the hat of a teacher and do these fun experiments alongside your child to ignite his passion for Chemistry. 


Cabbage Chemistry

Cabbages may not be your child's favourite vegetable but this interesting experiment will make him look at them with newfound respect. Using three glasses of cabbage juice, you'll be able to teach your little one the difference between an acid, a ...

Fizzy Sherbet

Want to make something delicious and teach your child basic Science at the same time? This simple sherbet recipe will let you do that in just ten minutes. All you need is baking soda, citric acid, icing sugar and flavoured jelly crystals. Head to ...

Rubber Eggs

Thanks to it's simplicity, this 'eggsperiment' is a favourite in many homes. All you need is a hard boiled egg, a long glass and some vinegar. Let the egg soak in the vinegar for 6 days, drop it to the floor and watch as it bounces back up. The vi...

Homemade Crystals

Making crystals at home is easy and will demonstrate to your child the effects of salt in water. Using easily available substances like charcoal and sugar, you and your little one can do this fun activity on a day off. Try making different types o...

Sticky Slime

Few things fascinate children as much as sticky, gooey slime. Instead of going to the store, why not make this slime at home? You just need to have some baking soda, white glue and contact lens solution. You could even throw in some glitter and be...

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