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Six Nursery Rhymes For A Rainy Day


It's raining outside and your child can't go out to play. He might catch a cold or make his clothes all muddy. He'll have to stay at home and find something fun to do. Keeping your little one entertained can be a little difficult, so why not teach him some nursery rhymes specifically meant for a rainy day? You can laugh and sing along with your child and make rainy days the most fun for him. 

Nursery rhymes are songs or poems meant specifically for children. Everybody loves them, but few realize the benefits they offer. Nursery rhymes can be very important to the development of young children. They help in the improvement of language and cognition abilities. The actions associated with nursery rhymes can also aid a child's physical development. 

If you find that child is bored at home this monsoon season, teach him these fun and lively nursery rhymes to keep him entertained. 

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