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SIP Academy India transform the future of your kids for better with Abacus Math, Brain Gym, AMAL, Global Art Classes and MI Kids (to read and speak fluently in English) programmes. SIP Academy believes that the progress of a nation is by the progr...

Learn How Abacus, Brain Gym And Speed Writing Helps Children

Abacus and Art – surprising, as most people equate abacus with math, but it isn't completely true with SIP Abacus. That is what makes SIP Abacus a unique and essential programme for all children. The SIP Abacus programme uses three tools to impact...

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Sip Academy - Velachery

Sip Academy - Velachery, Sip Academy - VelacherySip Academy - Velachery
The only International programme with combination of Abacus and brain Gym.