Simple Magic Tricks

17 Simple Magic Tricks That Will Amaze Your Kids

Turn water into ice as it pours. Here’s how it works: Put a water bottle in the freezer until just before it reaches the point of freezing (somewhere around two hours), then take it out and pour it onto a piece of ice. This, for science-y reasons,...

Easy Magic Tricks For Birthday Parties

Emily Steves has been a children’s entertainer for eight years. She recommends DNA Kids Magic Parties to keep the kids entertained and amazed. Steves is often hired to perform magic tricks at birthday parties and her favourite trick is reading minds.

Disappearing Toothpick Trick

Every once in a while something will come along that gets the boys excited and has them trying it over and over again to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. This is one of those things! Luckily all you need is a toothpick and some tape. Add a small pie...

10 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

With a little practice, your kid will be a mini Houdini in no time with these easy magic tricks for kids.

5 Rubber Band Tricks For Kids

“Magic” tricks are the best aren’t they? We often find ourselves looking up tricks to do with every day items found around the house. Here are 5 really great (and fairly easy) tricks to do with rubber bands that would be great for kids! We found ...

How To Do The 4 Ace Trick | Card Magic Tricks Revealed

Learn this beautiful 4 Ace production with Xavier Perret -Magic Master

Easy Magic Tricks For Everyone; Wolfgang Riebe

Easy Magic Tricks for Everyone; Wolfgang Riebe Learn 12 Cool tricks that you can easily do with everyday objects.

How To Palm A Coin | Coin Tricks

Learn the basic yet clever magic tricks.

10 Amazing Paper Tricks!

Super cool and mind blowing tricks

Fun & Easy Card Trick

The trick is simple, fun and yet mind blowing.

How To Make A Coin Disappear! | Magic Coin Tricks Revealed

The Best Cut and Restored Magic Trick Learn It Now

Card Control Tutorial - How To Find A Chosen Card In Card Tricks

Becoming good at card magic requires a certain amount of skill and this lesson covers the basics of a card control for controlling a chosen card from the middle of the deck to the top of the deck. The basic card control is a useful slight and give...

The Coin In Matchbox - Kids Magic Trick Revealed. - Video Dailymotion

A full box of matches is emptied of its contents. The box is closed, and upon re-opening, a coin is seen to have appeared. For affordable, easy-to-do, impressive Magic Tricks, visit: http://stores.ebay.com.au/CRAFT-MAGIC-AND-SURPRISES

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Simple Magic Tricks

List of magic tricks that are sure to impress.