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Simple Magic Tricks For Children To Do


Teaching your child a few simple magic tricks can be a fun activity to try out this summer. Practising magic is not only  a way for you and your child to entertain each other, but it can also go a long way in boosting your child's self-confidence as he learns how to control things.

Here's presenting the secret to the trick, which magician Yathunandh has devised exclusively for you in our anniversary issue.

The effect:

The magician clearly displays 6 balls one by one to the audience. 5 balls are of the same colour and the sixth ball is of a different colour. He drops all six balls into a plastic bag and asks six spectators to pick one ball each. The magician doesn’t see who picks which ball. But when all the balls are picked up, the magician looks at the six people and reveals to the audience exactly which person has the different-coloured ball!

The magician’s code:

There are three rules to the magician’s code which all magicians follow religiously! Now that we are all going to become magicians, the code applies to you as well! Hold your right hand up in the air and repeat the following:

  • I (STATE YOUR NAME) promise to never reveal the secret to the magic to a non-magician unless they also promise to follow the code.
  • I promise not to perform the trick to an audience until I have practiced it well.
  • I promise not to repeat the same trick in front of the same person.

Now that we are all magicians, here’s the secret.

The secret:

  • The secret to the trick is simple. You need 6 balls – 5 of the same colour and 1 of a different colour – and an opaque plastic or paper bag.
  • Display all the 6 balls and the empty plastic bag to the audience.
  • Drop the 5 balls of the same colour into the bag first.
  • When you display the last ball, which is of a different colour, do not actually drop the ball into the bag. Hide it in your hand (In magic, this is called palming).
  • Hold the bag along with the ball in the same hand so that people cannot see the ball hidden in your hand.
  • Pick six members from the audience to help you with the magic.
  • Ask each person to pick one ball from the bag without looking inside the bag or searching for one particular ball (This is important because if they do search the bag, the spectators will be able to tell that there are only five balls and not six in the bag. Remember the sixth differently-coloured ball is hidden in your hand)
  • After the first four people have picked up a ball each, quietly release the different-coloured ball into the bag and let the last two people pick their balls.
  • Two scenarios are possible in this situation. Either the fifth person or the sixth person has the different-coloured ball. At this point, you, the magician, have no idea who has which ball. The only thing you do know is that the different coloured ball is with one of two people, either fifth or sixth person.
  • Regardless of who has the ball, boldly ask the fifth person to open his or her hand
  • If the fifth person has the different-coloured ball, the magic ends there.
  • If you find that the fifth person has one of the 5 similar coloured balls, you now know for sure that the sixth person has the different coloured ball.
  • Now, ask the first four people to open their hands to reveal all the other similar-coloured balls.
  • As a grand finale, ask the last person who hasn’t opened his or her hand yet to step forward and reveal the different-coloured ball!

“Smile, bow and the audience goes crazy”

Now, that you have read about it, watch a video to understand the trick better. Also, find a few more easy-to-do magic tricks, which you can teach your child.

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