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Simple Home Decor Ideas To Ring In The Diwali Spirit


The festival of lights brings back beautiful memories of celebrations in our childhood! Cleaning and shopping for the big day, and decorating our home to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi were all part of our the days gone by. As a parent, you want your children to experience at least a part of that joy to usher in the Diwali festivities.

Times are changing; so are the way the festivals are celebrated. If you want your child to have some festive fun, involve them in every step, including the Diwali home décor. We are curating some interesting home décor tips and have put these in a ClipBook for your convenience. Do you want to go for traditional home décor during this Diwali? We have great ideas for you. 

Also, check out the best out of the waste video for some craft ideas this Diwali. You can do these along with your children. Recreate the beautiful butterfly made out of a plastic bottle for your Diwali home decor. Go through the pages of the ClipBook to get inspiration for your Diwali home décor. Happy Diwali!


Diwali: Festival Of Lights

Teach your children about Diwali traditions and many more interesting tidbits in this article. Do you know that Diwali is interpreted in different ways in different regions of India? However, one common theme is the victory of good over evil.

Learn How To Decorate Diyas

We can not think of Diwali without diyas (lamps). Decorated diyas go so well Diwali decorations. You can decorate your diyas at home in traditional and contemporary designs. Ask your children to join in the process to decorate the diyas.

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