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Simple Exercises For Teens


It is important to know that proper diet and a healthy lifestyle is not enough for growing teenagers. Teenage years are vital in the life of a growing teenager and regular exercise contributes immensely to the physical and mental health of teenagers.

Huffington Post has listed the various mental health benefits of exercise in one of its articles that includes stress reduction, improvement in self-confidence, anxiety alleviation and sharpening of memory.

Normally, aerobics, strength training and stretching are considered important components of an exercise routine. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar does an array of exercises that involve playing basketball, climbing, parkour and running, to keep himself fit.

Teenagers can exercise in various ways. Exercise can not only be done by playing games but also by participating in other activities such as dancing, yoga or rowing a boat. The amount and intensity of the exercise varies from person to person and teens should realise what exercise is best suited to them. However, teens should keep in mind that exercise without following a balanced and a proper diet will not help them get the desired results.

Teens need not require expensive equipment to exercise. They can indulge in simple exercises such as sit backs, chair squats, butterfly breaths, squats and push ups even at home to remain fit. Running, skipping or even simple walking for some distance are examples of simple exercises that teens can do every day.

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