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Simple Activities To Calm Your Child


Are you worried about your child’s anger? Unlike adults, children do not know how to keep calm when they are angry.

So, what can we do? As a parent, it is your job to teach your child the best way to deal with anger. Try teaching her simple calming activities that can help her address her anger issues.

Go through this ClipBook to know about such activities that will calm your child.


Calming Strategies To Use With Children | Connectability

Calming strategies can help a child to work through strong emotions. When calming strategies are practised regularly throughout the day, the possibility for use at times of anxiety is increased.

Calm Down Ideas For Children

Navigating childhood challenges can be stressful, and sometimes deep breathing isn’t the solution that works for your child. When your child is in need of tension relief, try one of these techniques and ideas.

Sensory Processing Activities To Keep Your Kids Calm

There are many activities that parents and teachers can use to help children to remain focused and in control. These practical activities from the Occupational Therapists at Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney’s northern beaches offer easy su...

Quiet Time Activities Perfect For Getting Kids To Calm Down For Bed

Quiet time activities are perfect for your kids that have stopped taking daily naps but are still in need of a little down time. If you aren’t able to get them to lay down for a bit of rest, trying these activities may be a great solution.

How To Handle Hyperactive Kids: Calming Games And Activities

Try a few of these calming games and activities for transitions that therapists, teachers, and caregivers often use to prevent meltdowns and tantrums.

5 Yoga Activities To Help Your Child Calm Down

Read on for 5 at-home, yoga-based activities you can do with your child that will serve as a foundational toolset for self-soothing and positive thinking as your child gets older.

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