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Signs You Might Be Overparenting Your Child


Being a parent involves a handling a lot of responsibilities. By playing their role well, parents hope that their children would grow up into well-rounded individuals.

But, some parents overdo things. In their desire to give their children a good upbringing, they tend to overparent their child.

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The Best Definition Of Overparenting I'Ve Seen

Terms like overparenting, intense parenting, and helicopter parenting are thrown around a lot these days, but it can be tough to articulate what they really mean.

Are You Overparenting Your Child?

Is your child a coddled kid and you don't even know it? Research published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies has found that over-parented children show less autonomy, competence, and ability to relate to others as teens, which can result ...

Signs That You Are Overparenting Your Child

Every parent wants the absolute best for their child and tires themselves trying to provide them with the best of material possessions, experiences, and education. However, sometimes the best thing to do is to sit back and do nothing.

How Overparenting Affects Your Child

Having a child puts you in a position of serious responsibility. Read on to know why overparenting is a negative thing and precisely what negative impacts it can have on a child.

The Dangers Of Overparenting

Overparenting occurs when parents carry some concern or care-taking behaviour to such an extreme degree that the child reacts with an extremely troublesome response.

Helicopter Parents And Overparenting: Truths And Traits

Helicopter parents earn this symbolically interesting title because they seem to 'hover' over their children in an effort of trying to control their lives in order to protect them from harm, disappointment, or mistakes.

How To Stop Overparenting Your Child

Recent research suggests that parents today are more anxious than in the past, fearing their children will be left behind in a tough global economic climate. Though the inclination to prevent this is normal, too much intervention can lead to unint...

7 Ways To Stop Overparenting And Raise A Can-Do Kid

We don't have to eliminate all of the modern features of growing up today but we can make sure that we aren't doing away with the seminal experiences kids need to learn how to do for themselves.

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