Side Effect From Eating Fast Food

Researchers Have Found A ‘Striking’ New Side Effect From Eating Fast Food

This story and its headline have been been updated, with "alarming" being changed to "striking." See below for more details. Critics of the fast-food industry have long warned about the perils of our addiction to processed food. Big Macs and Whopp...

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Here are 10 Worst Effects of Fast Food. The top Disadvantages of Fast Foods. Fast Food are the Dangers of Eating, caused for heart diseases and diabetes.

Researchers Have Found An ‘Alarming’ New Side Effect From Eating Fast Food

But there might be some new powerful ammunition for those who could do without the food the fast-food industry serves. Researchers at George Washington University have linked fast-food consumption to the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, ...

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As people spend more time working and less time cooking, fast food has become an increasingly frequent option. Many people eat all three meals away from home every day, often at fast-food establishments. While fast food can be a time and budget-fr...

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How often have you passed that vada pav stand and craved for one yummy bite of that delicious treat? But if vada pav is not your thing, how about when you pass a place serving burgers, wraps or maybe samosa? Feel that craving? Well, all these trea...

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You know that junk food can hurt your health, but you may have not known about the effects of junk food on how your brain functions.

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Side Effect From Eating Fast Food

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Researchers have found a ‘striking’ new side effect from eating fast food