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Show Your Teen Some Tlc

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He always prefers to stay in his bedroom; never parts from his phone or takes off his earphones; communicates only in grunts and monosyllables; picks a fight whenever you try to correct him.

Does it feel like you and your teen are in two different worlds with two different perspectives and a dearth of communication in between? You can solve this by showering your teen with TLC – tender loving care.

When there are fights and arguments further distancing your teen from you, TLC is the best way to bridge the gap. An article in Conscious Life News says, “Regardless of your past experience with the three words, “I love you,” it’s important to understand that your teenager needs to hear these words from you every single day, and that these three simple words are the best foundation for any positive growth or change you wish to see in her. Communicating “I love you” on a daily basis is the single most important aspect of successful parenting. It can and does work wonders.”

However, TLC is not fail-proof. Despite your affection, your teen might continue rebelling. An article in suggests that the best way to do this is by reminiscing who you were at this age. “It is hard to remember what it was like to be a teenager, especially when that day and age has long since passed. But remember what kinds of things you struggled with, how you handled them and what you would do differently. Share your teenage experience with your son or daughter so he or she can learn from your triumphs and failures.

Here are more counsels on how to tenderly love and care for your teen without seeming intrusive, in this ClipBook compiled for your guidance.


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