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Should You Determine Your Baby's Gender?


There is quite a debate when you are pregnant about knowing the gender of the baby. Some want to know; others prefer the element of surprise. In countries like India, cultural preferences for a boy child and instances of forced abortions by family members in case of a girl child are prevalent. This has led to laws about finding out the gender of the baby. In India, it is illegal to use ultrasound tests for the purpose of knowing the gender of the baby. In countries where there exists no such laws for gender determination, knowing if it’s a girl or a boy, is just a matter of preference.

But what about the Gender-selection technology available now, which allows people to decide the baby’s gender? Is this ethical?. According to, ‘In the U.S., unregulated fertility clinics are largely allowed to do whatever technology allows them to do, so long as clients are willing and able to pay for it. Anecdotal evidence and clinical data indicate that a growing number of prospective parents are willing to pay to have a baby of their desired gender.’

Technology like Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), developed to screen for serious genetic diseases, is now used in some fertility clinics for gender selection. Where gender determination is not illegal, it becomes a topic for ethical debates. But the question remains what is more important – to know or decide the sex of the baby or giving birth to a healthy child?

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