Should You Co-sleep With Your Baby?

Should You Co-Sleep With Your Baby? The Great Debate

Co-sleeping, the act of sharing a bed with your baby, makes those middle of the night feedings much easier to deal with, but the controversial practice can be hazardous for infants. Several studies show that sharing a bed with a baby can be danger...

Myths And Truths About Co-Sleeping

Should you let your baby or toddler sleep with you? Some people will tell you a resounding "No!" But we know plenty of parents who do. So why? We've debunked the myths about co-sleeping and asked moms why it works for them. Should you let your bab...

Crib-Sleeping Vs. Co-Sleeping

The second most-dreaded question for new parents after "Is your baby sleeping?" (Answer: "Well, yes, for forty-five-minute stretches, but not during the night, and only after I conduct a two-hour-long routine including feeding, swaddling, singing,...

Pros & Cons Of Co-Sleeping | What To Expect

Some experts (and parents) believe the family bed works beautifully — strengthening bonds, simplifying nursing, and increasing cuddle time. Others believe the family bed prevents babies from learning to sleep on their own, discourages independence...

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Should You Co-sleep With Your Baby?

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Should You Co-Sleep With Your Baby?