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Should Schools Adopt Physical Education?



The Benefits Of Physical Activity In School

Cutting physical education out of schools is backfiring in a big way, contributing to rampant obesity in children and actually hindering students from top success in academic classes...

Physical Activity And Education Programmes For Children

Creating a physical activity programme for schools is vital for our long-term health. There are many health benefits to a good physical education program. If physical activity becomes a habit formed in childhood, studies show that it will carry fo...

Should Physical Education In Schools Be Compulsory?

If not forced to exercise in youth, many will never think of exercising in adulthood. Some feel that kids have no right to ‘choice’ about this: they’re being compelled to attend school, to take the lessons the state says they should take...

How Innovative Physical Education Programs Can Help Kids

Physical education in the United States has come a long way since the one-size-fits-all regimen of jumping jacks and rope climbing that was the bane of the baby boomer generation...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mandatory P.E. In Schools

There are pros and cons to mandatory physical education (PE) classes, but the health benefits often outweigh other considerations. With obesity concerns on the rise, PE classes are often viewed as a necessary requirement by both parents and school...

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