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Shopping With Children

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Does shopping with your child make you think of running behind your excited little one in the long aisle or constantly shouting ‘No, you cannot have that’, ‘No, don’t touch this’?

Taking your children along with you for shopping doesn’t always have to be this nightmarish. In fact, it could be made fun too. All you have to do is some proper planning. “Shopping with your child does not have to be a completely unpleasant experience. You can turn your shopping trip into an educational affair, and let the kids help you no matter what their age or skill level. Go shopping with kids by creating a shopping list, giving each child instructions, and creating an atmosphere of fun and learning,” reads an article in WikiHow.

Whether you are shopping for clothes, toys or grocery, saying ‘no’ to your kids’ wishes can be hard. An article in Bounceback Parenting suggests a strategy. It states, “Make the kids grocery lists – You can create your own from newspaper clippings or just write down a list. Kids’ personalised lists keep them on target at the store and gives them reading practice too.” In addition to that, these ‘trip clips’ can avoid impulsive buying and keep shopping on track.

The only two things you need to avoid are crowd and meal-time shopping, as the last thing you want is a hungry irate kid on the verge of entering the tantrum territory, adding to your pressure of shopping everything on time.

To get some more fun and smart tips for hopping with your kids, take a look through this ClipBook, which brings you the best resources from the web.


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