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Sex Education In Schools


It has been observed that, when it comes to the ‘three letter’ word that is sex, parents are often uncomfortable talking about it to their children. But, sex education is not only vital but essential in today’s world.

Often, many parents and teachers view sex education unnecessary and as a recreational course rather than a serious issue. Mayo Clinic says it can be awkward for parents but educating their children on sex is their responsibility. Your child might be familiar with the basics of sex education but might not understand everything she needs to know to make choices regarding sex.

Sex education enables kids to understand the way the body functions and they feel more confident. Kids will often come across topics related to sex through different avenues such as the school, their friends and the media. However, what they learn might often be incomplete resulting in children becoming confused.

In a country like India, sex education is yet to be fully implemented in schools barring the occasional workshops. This is not enough because students need to be taught about their body parts that are gender specific so that they can take proper decisions regarding sex.

With the passage of time, young people begin to be faced with many important decisions related to relationships and sexuality. Sex education will only help them make better decisions.

To know more about the different facets of sex education, please click on the pages of this ClipBook.


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