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Sex Education - How To Teach Your Child


Sex education for children is a widely debated topic. In many societies around the world, the word ‘sex’ is considered a taboo. Some teachers are even apprehensive about teaching a chapter on human reproduction. Hence, the idea of sex education is often rejected without even understanding what its goal is.

There are different opinions on whether sex education should be imparted to children, and if yes, then what should constitute sex education?

As parents, the initial step towards educating your children about sex is understanding what sex education means and its necessity. Age-appropriate sex education is all about helping children understand their body better. As children would grow up into teenagers and then into adults, it is important to begin teaching them about the changes that would happen in their bodies in future. According to the article ‘Sex Education: What Children Should Learn and When’ in, “When talking to your kids about sex, make sure the conversation is age-appropriate. Explain things in a way that your child can understand, given their age. Don’t think you have to cover everything at once. Younger kids are interested in pregnancy and babies, rather than the act of sex.”

Being able to recognise inappropriate sexual behaviour and being aware of the dangers that exist on the internet are important lessons that our children can be taught through sex education.

According to the, “It is our responsibility, as adults, to equip children with the skills and information they need to recognise and report abuse. It’s terrifying to think how many primary-school children might have suffered in silence, confused and unsure about whether they should report inappropriate behaviour, unsure even if the behaviour is inappropriate.”

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