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Sensitising Children To Special Needs


“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Can we teach compassion to our children? Can we help them understand the unique needs of a friend with special needs? Yes. Parents do have a role to play at how well their children behave with their peers with special needs – either with ridicule and fear or with kindness and the same regard as their other friends without special needs.

It may help children to understand that there are different kinds of disabilities. While it is easy to identify a kid with a physical disability, a learning disorder may not be identifiable at a single glance. Only after some observation or spending time with that person, you can know if someone suffers from an intellectual disorder.

Parents can help their children understand that a disability doesn’t define a person but her values do. Ask your child to include her classmates with special needs in games and invite them for birthday parties or just to play. According to, ‘Share any concerns with the other parent. Parents of children with disabilities will often be happy to facilitate a successful play date or outing.’ It can also be helpful to answer your child’s queries about disabilities.

Sensitising children to special needs is not always for peers. It could also be about a sibling. A compassionate attitude will also help as your child enters the adult world and meets people from all walks of life.

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