A Seven-Step Prescription For Self-Love

Self-love is a popular term today that gets tossed around in normal conversation. "You have to love yourself more." "Why don't you love yourself?" "If you only loved yourself, this wouldn't have happened to you." "You can't love another person unt...

How To Love Your Authentic Self

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha

31 Days Of Self-Love

While self-help books all advise building self-love in order to be happy, a surprisingly low number of people truly love themselves. The good news is it's never too late to begin to love you.

30 Ways To Practice Self-Love And Be Good To Yourself

Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges. It’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness. We pract...

10 Wonderful Ways To Practice Self-Love

I know the whole self-love thing is being talked about all over the place right now, but most people still have no clue what that even means! It really means something different for each person, because we all have many different ways to show that...

Meet Yourself: A User's Guide To Building Self-Esteem

Niko Everett would like to introduce you to someone she thinks you should know-YOU! As the founder of Girls for Change, Niko has helped many young teens transform their communities and themselves by holding up a powerful mirror. In this engaging t...

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Did you know that you’re very special? There is no other person in this world like you. Love the most important person in your life — YOU!