Screening Children For Kidney Ailments

Screening Children For Kidney Ailments Vital

The kidney may not present clinical symptoms until renal failure forces dialysis,

End-Stage Kidney Disease: The Scenario In India

Kidney failure occurs due to a variety of reasons and can largely be grouped into two types — the completely reversible (acute) and the one that is not (chronic).

Doctors Stresses On Kidney Disease In Children

Spreading awareness on paediatric kidney diseases for early detection is important, they say To spread awareness on paediatric kidney ailments, the International Society of Nephrology has kept 'Kidney disease & Children' as the theme to celebrate ...

Kidney Care: Your Kid Needs It Most

Kidney diseases are silent killers, which largely affect the quality of life. Sadly, the warning signs are missed early on and are detected when patients reach end stage kidney failure or when a major portion of the kidney gets damaged.

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Screening Children For Kidney Ailments

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Screening children for kidney ailments vital