Saying Yes Or No

Want To Be A Great Parent? The Secret Is To Create A Closer Connection With Your Child.

"What do you mean? Of course I love my kid, and I tell him so all the time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need discipline!" It isn’t enough that we tell our children we love them. We need to put our love into action every day for them to feel i...

Six Ways To Discipline Children

It’s hard to deny the importance of discipline. "Discipline has to do with civilizing your child so they can live in society,"

How To Say No (Without Saying No)

"No." Kids hate to hear it, and you hate to say it — but how else can you keep them safe and well-behaved?

Why You Should Say "Yes" To Your Kids

Kids are constantly being directed, corrected, and told what not to do. As parents, we may not even be aware of the number of negative or critical interactions we have with our children every day. But our children are aware.

Parents Need To Say ‘Yes’ More Often

God’s decision to put parents in charge of kids has, contrary to popular kid opinion, proven to be a pretty good idea.

10 Signs That Your Child Is Spoiled

Society today is too quick to label everything with some kind of name....we all look for some other reason, than just plain basics...Parents tend to be overwhelmed and many work outside the home having to rely on others for daycare..etc.. this cou...

How To Stop A Tantrum Fast

During the toddler years, your child is constantly learning to control his impulses, his bodily functions, and his behavior.

Saying No To Your Child

It can be hard to say “no” to our kids.

7 Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

We all want the same things for our kids. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. Mostly, though, we want them to be happy.

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Saying Yes Or No