Say A Firm No To Drugs And Alcohol

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It is never easy to refuse something that seems tempting. But it's very important for teens to be able to say no to drugs and alcohol. You can help your teen develop refusal skills in many ways. Here are some tips you may want to help your teen pr...

How To Say No To Drugs!

When a person uses any potentially dangerous and/or mood-altering substance in a frequent and often overindulgent pattern, it is called substance abuse. These substances include prescription and non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Teen s...

15 Ways A Teen Can Say No To Alcohol And Drugs - Treatment Solutions

The time will come in almost every teen’s life when they are confronted with drugs or alcohol. Some lucky ones may not experience this kind of peer pressure, but the unfortunate truth is that many teens will be asked by friends or classmates if th...

Teens Say No To Drugs, Alcohol

To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Livingston Community Prevention Project conducts survey ...

How To Say No To Drugs And Alcohol

To "Just Say No" to drugs and alcohol, one must have a reason and that reason must be that there are more interesting, and productive activities to choose from. It also helps to have an answer to peers who may offer these substances to you. Be str...

Getting Off Drugs And Alcohol – Quitting, Achieving Sobriety And Staying Clean

Conquering an addiction requires a huge commitment, and discovering how to get sober is the first logical step in the process. Once an addict acknowledges that there's a problem and begins getting sober, there are many options available to smooth ...

Say No To Drugs Video For Kids (Red Ribbon Week Cartoon) Educational (Safe For Students)

Say No to Drugs Video for Kids (Red Ribbon Week Cartoon) Educational (Safe for Students) - Watch a fun song to prepare students for the importance of saying ...

Say No To Drugs Cartoon - Educational Videos For Students - Watch Cartoons Online - Drug Awareness

Educational Videos for Students - Say No to Drugs Cartoon - Watch Cartoons Online - Drug Awareness On this episode Chillz and Lee are worried about an upcomi...

How To Say "No"

A short animation reminding kids to say "no" to underage drinking and mean it. My entry for the Courageous Persuaders commercial competition.

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Saying no can sometimes be hard, but you might be surprised how easy it gets with practice. If you know you are going to be some place where you might be offered alcohol or other drugs try to plan your response in advance. The following are option...

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Say A Firm No To Drugs And Alcohol

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