Saturated Fats : Risk Of Breast Cancer

Excessive Intake Of Saturated Fats Increases Risks Of Breast Cancer

What you eat in your teens can determine your health for your old age! A new US study has found that consuming too much of saturated fat or low amounts of mono- and polyunsaturated fats during adolescence is linked to higher breast density in youn...

Binging On Junk Food As A Teenager 'Increasesrisk Of Breast Cancer'

Teenagers who gorge on a diet dripping with saturated fat are at greater risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer, evidence today suggests. An abundance of junk food, cakes and biscuits, and lack of unsaturated fats from vegetable oils, nuts and...

Teens Consuming Overmuch Saturated Fats Have Higher Risks Of Breast Cancer - Pulse Headlines

Consuming saturated fats during adolescence may increase risk of developing breast cancer during adulthood, said researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Fat intake has been linked to breast density. Detailed results from th...

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Saturated Fats : Risk Of Breast Cancer

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Excessive intake of saturated fats increases risks of breast cancer