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Safety For Children With Special Needs


To protect your loved ones from lurking dangers is no easy task. And it becomes even more difficult when your child doesn’t understand what danger is. With lesser cognitive development, and higher levels of impulsiveness and restlessness, your child with special needs becomes even hard to keep safe.

Whether your special needs child wants to cross the road or take a swim, the number of risks involved dramatically increases. Therefore, there is a need for you to pay extra attention and take umpteen measures to ensure safety for her. Having a proper safety equipment is one great way to protect your child. For instance, the right kind of car seat can prevent your little one from motor crashes, one of the common causes of death of children.

According to an article published in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the other examples of special safety equipment include:

• Life jackets may need to be specially fitted for your child.

• Smoke alarms that signal with a light and vibration may be better when there is a child who cannot hear.

• Hand rails and safety bars can be put into homes to help a child who has difficulty moving around or a child who is at risk for falling.

Another big danger area for your child is swimming pools. Drowning is one of the lead causes of death among babies. So, you need to be extremely attentive when your special needs child is swimming. To learn more safety tips and protective measures, read the articles in this ClipBook.


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