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S Q U I D Minders


Think before you act,’ is a saying we often heard from our parents when we were growing up; we also heard it from our teachers when we were in school and from our bosses at work. It is not an easy adage to follow in everyday life; however, with self-awareness and effort, one can master it in no time.

There are many ways of integrating the maxim with our daily life. One of the ways that our partner QoL advocates is by following the SQUID rule. When expanded it means ‘stop - question - understand - imagine – decide’. It is a simple formula to help slow down an impulsive mind and regain the ability to consider options and make informed decisions and choices. Following this rule can improve the quality of life and relationships at home and at work, reduce stress, make us more tolerant, and achieve both short-term and long-term goals in a more structured manner.

Not following this basic rule can turn us into individuals who act in haste and without much thought, often leading to unpleasant consequences. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) mentioned in a study that impulsive individuals make risky choices and are motivated more by immediate reward than potential long-term negative consequences.

It is interesting to note how a small self-help measure in the form of a code can help us become better decision makers and make the right choices in life. To know more, please go through this ClipBook.

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