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Routine For Your Child

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Your child needs a steady routine in life to not just learn to follow a proper schedule, but also to get a sense of comfort from knowing what comes next in their lives. Knowing what their days are going to look like will result in them being more agreeable in their daily lives and at the end of the day, happy children make happy parents.

There are a plethora of benefits in establishing a routine for your child. It will help in eliminating a level of anxiety that is normal to kids and will improve the cooperation you will receive from him. An article in Lifehack says, “If a child knows they need to be ready to go to school at the same time every day, they’re more likely to cooperate and get dressed on time. This will give them advanced notice and they can start managing their time. It will help them learn how to transition from one activity to the other with less interruption and behavioural outbursts.” 

There are different activities in your child’s everyday life that need different routines. From meals and bedtime to managing school work, it is better to set routines to make the day smoother. If your child is just starting school, establishing a getting-ready-for-school schedule is going to take a lot of preparation, but undertaking that effort will improve his concentration and make him more ready for school life.

Getting your child into a good sleeping routine is also equally important. It brings consistency into his life and also makes it easier for you and your spouse to put him to sleep. “Getting into a routine before bedtime also encourages great sleeping habits. Teaching your little one to get in the habit of planning for bed will set the foundation for healthy sleep patterns when your tot becomes a busy big kid! Following a routine will set your kid up for sleep success,” says an article in Care.

To learn more about the necessities for and benefits of routines, go through this ClipBook and set about on establishing an order in your child’s everyday life.


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