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Robotics: History, Types And Applications


Today, it seems robots are gradually taking over many industries. And, why not? For not only are they efficient but they can do the work of a hundred in a couple of hours and also saves a lot of money for companies.

But, do you know who is the father of robotics? Or, what are the different types of robots? Go through this ClipBook to know more.


History Of Robotics

Although the science of only came about in the 20th century, the history of human-invented automation has a much lengthier past. Of course, robotics in the 20th and 21st centuries has advanced radically to include machines capable of assembling ot...

Who Is The Father Of Robotics?

Joseph F. Engelberger, an engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the robotics field, died December 1, 2015, in Newtown, Connecticut at age 90. Engelberger was founder and president of Unimation, Inc., the world’s first industrial robotics manufac...

Robotics In Manufacturing: The History Outline

Robots are an indispensable part of today's large manufacturing industries. These intelligent machines have taken over many of the tasks requiring high precision, speed and endurance. They are becoming increasingly smarter, more flexible and more ...

What Are The Main Types Of Robots?

There are six main types of industrial robots: cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated. However, there are several additional types of robot configurations. Each of these types offers a different joint configuration....

10 Best Fictional Robots Of All Time

Adorable, hilarious, heroic, sarcastic - fictional robots on TV and in movies have been imbued with enough varying degrees of human intelligence to make us sometimes favor them more than the actual human characters themselves. You need not be a sc...

10 Amazing Real Life Robots

There are certain things that you don't necessarily need to understand in order to instantly recognize that they're cool. Organic chemistry is not one of those things. Robots, like giant balls of fire, are. These 10 comp-sci products in the articl...

What Is The Robotic Arm?

The most common manufacturing robot is the robotic arm. A typical robotic arm is made up of seven metal segments, joined by six joints. The computer controls the robot by rotating individual step motors connected to each joint (some larger arms us...

Fields Of Application

From underwater robotics, space robotics, electric mobility to logistics and search and rescue, robots are being widely used in a number of fields today. Read through the article to know more.

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