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Examples Of Robert Hooke's Law

Here are a few modern examples of Robert Hooke's Law. Hooke's law of elasticity is an approximation that states that the extension of a spring is in direct ...

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Robert Hooke FRS ( ; 28 July [O.S. 18 July] 1635 – 3 March 1703) was an English natural philosopher, architect and polymath. His adult life comprised three distinct periods: as a scientific inquirer lacking money; achieving great wealth and standi...

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,  (born ,  , , Eng.—died ,  ), English physicist who discovered the law of , known as , and who did research in a remarkable variety of fields. In 1655 Hooke was employed by to construct the Boylean air pump. Five years later, Hooke discovered h...

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Robert Hooke

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Robert Hooke